Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Artificial Fruit & Vegetables For Decorating

We all love when we have fresh produce in or kitchen as it give you that summer feel. This is all great until the produce starts to decompose and get old, that is if you don't use it first. When decorating your kitchen for the winter many of us tend to get a bit drab when it comes to colors. What many don't think about is incorporating artificial fruit and vegetables into our kitchen decor. Artificial fruit and vegetables can give you that summer look all year long without the problem of the product getting rotten. Many of the artificial fruit in the past has been cheap plastic however with all the new technology available today, artificial fruit and vegetables have evolved. They now come in soft to touch and weighted versions; this gives the fruit not only a lifelike look but also a lifelike feel when you pick it up. Place them in a bowl or basket to ad more realism but don't let your guest take a bite of them because the taste is not so great.

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