Sunday, September 30, 2012

Silk Plants Or Real? What You Should Consider.

What do you know about silk plants? Why are silk plants so popular nowadays? If you don’t know about these kind of plants, then read on and we will explain why they are so popular. Silk plants are an artificial imitation of the original plant. Since they look really similar to the original plant, you may not know they are fake until you touch them. The types and styles of silk plants vary widely, so does the price. many people decide to buy them for their home and office because of the cost to maintain real plants.

But before you do it, I suggest you to read this article to the end first. Then you'll have a complete idea to choose whether you want to use silk or real plants to decorate your home or office. The real plants which are placed in the interior of the house make entrances very attractive. They are able to beautify your home interior but unfortunately, maintaining the plant is certainly not easy. Among other things, the plant must be regularly watered, not to mention, the plant may have to be set in a certain area in order to get enough sunlight and so on. Well, all these hassles can be eliminated when you are using silk plants. Now, let's take a moment to learn about this type of decor. If you are more comfortable with original and real plants for your office and home, then there are some things that you need to consider such as:

1. Select Ornamental Plants that do not need much light. You can’t put it in a window if the plant needs more light from the sun. And keep in mind that you need to supply it with water everyday too if you decide to use real plants.

2. You must always clean the pot or vase on a regular basis to keep them looking nice. If the pot or vase it comes in is not attractive, then you can put the plants in another pot or vase.

Nowadays you may find that many florists are now selling a lot of silk plants. These typically have a similar texture as the original plants. For example Aglonema, begonias, orchids, maidenhair ferns, tulips, jasmine and so on. The silk plant arrangements are made similar to the real ones. In most cases, when the arrangements are put together by a professional, it is hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones unless you touch them. If you're interested in buying these types, then there are some factors that you need to consider too such as:

1. The color of the plant or flower arrangment will need to match the theme in your home or office. Don't hesitate to choose the silk plants that have bright colors such as reds, yellows or purples.

2. Choose ones that have plastic and material parts, but don't look plastic, for easy cleaning. Plants and Flowers which are crafted from handycraft paper, coconut coir, or any other natural materials do look interesting, but not all of these materials are easy to be cleaned. You may ask the florist about the ease of maintenance before you buy them. I think it is important to know how to take care of them before you purchase so there are no dissappointments down the road. Although it will be easier to take care silk plants rather than real plants, it may take different techniques to clean them depending on the material they are made of.

3. For convenience, you can also choose the type of silk plant that's set in a vase. Select the type of plants that can be easily changed out so you don't get bored with the look of the vase.

The beauty of artificials are not inferior if we compare them with real ones. The natural looking color of silk plants can make anyone who sees them wonder if they're real or not. Starting from the color to the highly detailed leaves and trunks look as authentic as the real version. They look even better if the silk plant is placed in a container that also has artistic value it will make the plant look more beautiful. If you like flowers and plants so much, I believe you will love to use silk plants to decorate your house. i take a lot of money to buy and maintain real plants to decorate your home and office. By purchasing silk plants it will eliminate a lot of expense. The effect you'll get using silk plants will be the same as using real ones and most people will walk right by them not even realizing they're fake.

Right now fans of silk plants are increasing day by day. Sometimes people are not only interested in decorating the inside of their house, but also the outside as well. Hotels, apartments, theme parks and home owners are also using artificial plants outside in their landscaping. The reason is it is more convenience and more practical to care for them especially with droughts plaguing the nation this year. Most interior designers like to use silk plants in their design. The main reason because it is easier to get the look that you desire than looking for the exact look in a real one and you can put it in any location because it doesn’t need any light or water. Many people say that silk plants are less classy than the real plants has not seen the higher end silk plants available on the market today.

Silk plants are flowers are becoming more and more appreciated by the public and are even becoming a trend. If your interior design is more of an uncluttered model, then it's appropriate to use silk plants such as grasses and tropical styles in your decor. The best usage of silk plants is actually to just follow the design of your home or office. Cleaning your silk plants is as simple as using one of the sprays out there once every few months. you simply spray it on and let them drip dry, it doesn't get any easier than that. So where are the silk plants used? Mostly in the interior of a houses, offices, modern shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, and many others. Usually the color of silk plant is not safe in direct sunlight outdoors as they will fade if they are not UV proofed. If you want to put the silk plants outside, it shopuld be preferably in a place which is not exposed to direct sunlight or you could treat them with a UV protectant before placing them outdoors.

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