Saturday, February 5, 2011

Silk Trees - Choosing The Right One

If your like me then you don't have a green thumb and trying to keep my plants and trees alive is a hassle. Some of the things that make it hard is knowing how much water to give them on a daily basis and how to feed them so they are healthy. I have since switched to silk trees and plants in my home and to tell you the truth most of my guests don't even know they are artificial. In some cases as the one on my porch, the birds took up nest in one of them. Not only do they look real but they seem to have fooled Mother Nature.

I started out getting rid of one of our dracaena trees for an artificial one, but when I first recieved it it wasn't ready for display. The plant was packaged in a narrow tall box and wrapped in plastic so the leaves were not even the shap of the real tree. I had to bend and shape it for a little while until it was the shap I wanted which at first was a little hard but I got the hang of it eventually. After a couple of days it relaxed and started to look more natural, I wasn't sure at first how it was going to look until one of my friends came over and complimented me on my silk tree not knowing it was artificial. When I finally told him he was amazed and went out to purchase his own to replace the real ones in his house.

Within a few months I had replaced all my plants with artificial ones making my home decor maintenance free other than a dusting every now and then. Now they make this silk plant cleaner that you just spray on and let dry making it easier than ever to keep artificials in my home. I even went with some inexpensive ones to fill some empty spaces and when done right they look just as good as the more expensive ones. My advice is when looking to replace your live plants and trees with artificial ones you don't have to look at the price to determine if they will look nice, it's more the fanning and what you put around the silk trees and plants that make the real difference. I mean my in laws bought some $50 artificial ficus trees and placed them into a nice planter with some moss around them and then fanned them out to look natural and they adorn their living room in their million dollar home. Not bad for some so called "cheap" silk trees.

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