Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Use Silk Flowers & Plants To Liven Up Dead Space

Yes, I know what your thinking, that everyone knows that is you have some bare dead space in a room that you can put some silk plants or live plants even it will liven up any space and give your room the finished touch. Just look around your home or better yet look around the next persons home or office you visit and you'll see that not only are they most likely to have bare space but they probably know they should put something there but don't for various reasons.

I'm going to give you some very innovative and inexpensive ways to decorate your bare space that everyone knows they should but neglect to actually do. Whether you use artificial plants and flowers or live ones this can be very inexpensive and will look like you've spared no expense.

First you must measure the space you're filling and start with measuring the width then the depth you can come out and finally the height. There is not really any set in stone rule of thumb for height but you will want the arrangement to be proportionate to the room your decorating at the time.

Second, just sit back for a minute and take a look around at the rest of the decor to see what type of plant or flower arrangement you would like to place in the space. Now if your decorating a patio or outdoor area this will also work for you. For example if your decorating your patio and you want to decorate with wind chimes you can determine what type of wind chime to use by looking at your furniture and garden decor. If you have tropical decor then maybe a bamboo wind chime will work best or if you have more traditional style decor you may want to go with a traditional metal wind chime. You will use this same observation technique in your home or office to determine what type of arrangement will fit in the best.

Third, determine if your placing the arrangement on a table or on the floor. If you have a table and your looking to fill the space on top you may want to look at some inexpensive ways to put a silk flower arrangement on the table. By adding something very simple and inexpensive you can have a look that you only thought was possible with hiring a designer. The truth is most designers think simple is better than elaborate and there are only certain cases when elaborate is necessary. If your looking for a simple yet elegant flower arrangement the best bet is to go to your local Michael's or discount store that carries silk flowers and greenery. If you don't have a vase usually these store will have a large selection of pots and vases in all different styles and colors at some great prices. The easiest way to go is to buy about a dozen or 2 of some silk flower stems and just plop them into a vase with some clear marbles or rocks around the base. If you want to go a little more elaborate you can add some grass or other foliage that will match the floral pattern.

For a space with no table your going to want to most likely add a plant or silk tree to the space. First you'll want to figure out what height you will want and you can do this by measuring your ceiling height. For instance if you have 8' ceilings you will want to go with a 5' - 6' tree, for ceilings between 8' - 10' you will want to use a 6' - 9' tree. The easiest way to arrange a silk tree is if you don't have your own decorative container, you can find many at your local home improvement store. The heavier the better because you won't have a problem with the plant or tree tipping over later. Hint: If you purchase a taller pot you can raise your tree or plant up inside the planter to give it the illusion of being larger thus saving you money because you can purchase a smaller plant or tree to start. Take the planter and use some bricks or wood to build up the inside if necessary to get your plant to the height desired. You'll want the pot that the silk tree came in to be only about an inch or or two below the top of the decorative container your putting it in. Take some liquid nails, silicon or other commercial grade adhesive and glue the pot to the bottom of the decorative container, this give you stability so the plant or tree doesn't move when someone brushes up against it. Once the glue is dry you can fill in the empty space around the silk trees with newspaper or some other light weight material then you can top it off with rocks, moss or some greenery suitable to your taste. All in all you will have very little wrapped up into this plant or tree and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

So from about $10 and above you can transform an empty space to change the look and feel of any room. What keeps most people from decorating is the fear that it won't look good or how much it will cost and my best advise is to take a look at some pictures in magazines and on the internet to get some ideas of what may work for your decor and then just start thinking of how you could do it for less. Your mind is a crazy thing, it will answer the questions you ask it.