Friday, July 13, 2007

Why Should I Use Silk Flowers Over Real Ones?

Artificial flowers are becoming more and more realistic with today's technology. Many of the silk flowers you see on the market are still hand painted to give them the most realistic look you can possibly imagine. The newest line of high quality silk flowers gives you the feel of a real flower and can even fool the best of critics.

Why should you go with artificial rather than real flowers?

1 - You will get all desireable effects of real flowers without having to replace them every week.

2 - Real flowers attract insects into your home.

3 - All you need to clean silk flowers is a feather duster or spray on silk cleaner.

4 - Silk flowers have no allergons and many people are allergic to real flowers.

5 - They will not die.

6 - Your pets will not eat them.

I guarantee with if you decide to go with high quality silk flowers your guests will want to know how you keep them so fresh looking. Most people can't tell the difference until they actually touch the flowers themselves, even then some still believe they are real. Ive heard stories of house guests actually watering silk flowers thinking they were real. I hope this information is helpfull to every one and I hope to hear your thoughts on this and if you would like to view some high quality silk flower arrangements you can visit our site at:

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