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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Artificial Bonsai Trees In Any Decor

Give yourself a sense of peace and tranquility by decorating your home with bonsai trees. Bonsai, by definition, means a tree in a shallow pot. Asian cultures such as Japan have been using the art of bonsai for thousands of years to become one with nature. Whether you choose real or artificial for your decor will be determined by your skills.

Some of us like the art of bonsai, trimming, pruning at just the right times and giving just the right amount of water to get them to thrive are all part of the challenges with real bonsai trees. Many in the East have mastered the art of bonsai, and we highlight the word "art" as it is truly a craft that not many can master. Too many times people want to over trim the tree and that only makes it wither and die. Too much water can also kill the bonsai. To become a true master takes many years of experience and dedication to the tree itself. If you're like most of us the artificial version is just as good for decor purposes.

We carry a vast arrangement of artificial bonsai trees in our collection. Our designers have studied the real bonsai tree and their intricate details to come up with our line of realistic looking counter parts. Each one of ours has highly detailed trunks showing all the grain, texture and color changes of the real tree. The leaves are made in proportion to the size of the tree for an authentic look. You will have to touch them to tell they're not real. Take a look at our artificial bonsai trees by visiting the page below.

Artificial Bonsai Trees

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Outdoor Artificial Plants, Trees and Flowers

Many of our outdoor artificial plants, trees and flowers are hard to tell from the real thing as shown in the picture above. Typically someone would use these when they want plants in areas that are hard to get a watering source to real plants. Others want them just because the maintenance is low as all that is needed is to hose them off once in a while. As shown in the picture above, around pool areas are some of the most popular and when done right the look can be as natural as the real thing.

Most outdoor artificial plants are made from a poly blend plastic as they have to stand up to harsh weather and rain. Traditional silk plants just don't do well outdoors as they tend to fade very quickly. We carry a whole line of outdoor artificial plants, trees and flowers. Just click on the link to the left and take a look at our line.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter is a time when you shouldn't be afraid to use color. What do you do with all those extra jelly beans? Simple, just put them in a vase and add some silk flowers. It doesn't matter what color flowers you add because the multi colored jelly beans will always match. The flowers in the picture above are yellow lilies set in an 8 inch square vase potted with multi colored mini jelly beans. The kids will love these and can eat right out of the vase if they feel inclined.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Year Around Herb Garden at Your Fingertips

Adding some shelving like the one above on a wall in your kitchen not only gives you the ability to grow herbs or plants in your kitchen but it also gives your kitchen a decor focal point. Whether you use artificial plants or real garden herbs this idea can give your kitchen a unique touch.

Wouldn't it be nice as you're cooking to just walk to your garden and pick some fresh herbs to go into your dish? This type of garden allows you to take a couple steps and shop at your own herb market that you created. This allows you to do this regardless of what climate you live in or what time of year it is. It can also be used as a decor piece by placing small plants, cactus or succulents to add some green to your kitchen. The sky is the limit with this great idea. If you have something like this in your home we would like to see it, so feel free to send pictures and we may feature it in one of our publications.

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Lighting Up Your Events

Spring is here and it's time we start thinking about outdoor activities. Weddings, social gatherings with friends on the patio on a Saturday night are some great ways to enjoy the warmer spring weather. Adding a simple touch of lighting to any party adds a dramatic effect that will make your next event look like you've went out of your way. Simple focused colored or white lights on a tree, overhead or wall will give a grand appearance as shown above. Generally you can purchase these lights at any of your local home improvement stores and they're portable so you can use them inside or out.

Picture #1. Overhead patio lighting adds ambiance.

Picture #2. Simple rope lighting under the rail of your porch or deck.

Picture #3. Colored up lighting in a back yard home are great for larger events.

Picture #4. Simple chinese lantern lights hanging from the trees.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring Time Decorating

Spring is the time when you can experiment with colors. You can't go wrong in most cases adding bright colors into your decor. Try the bright yellows, pinks, reds or purples as these are the colors of spring. A beautiful arrangement of flowers on your table can be a center point for any room in your home. Brighten up a living room by adding bright colored pillows to your sofa. Open up the drapes and let the sun shine in for some added mood boosting light. Take out your glass pitchers and use them as flower vases as this is the time we start thinking of the warm days and nights that are just around the corner.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Artificial Cactus Garden Idea

The above picture was a cafeteria that used some artificial cacti and succulents to decorate their partition wall. You can use this in a smaller version in your home, whether it's a small pot or a larger project like this. Using mixed succulents is never a bad idea as they all go with each other. Yucca grass, aloe and echeveria will soften the edges a bit and will fill empty space between the more traditional cactus plants.

The Sky is the limit when working with succulents as they are so versatile and you can use colors that match your decor. Using reds and purples are a great way to give your room a splash of color without overwhelming the arrangement. If you like a more sparse arrangement try using pea gravel or sand in between the plants to give it a desert landscaped look.

I hope this picture inspires all of you and I would like to see some of the pictures of your own special touch or style added to your arrangement ideas. Remember, you really can't go wrong with succulents. Happy artificial planting everyone!

To view our huge selection of artificial cactus and succulents click here.

Some of the succulents shown in the picture are: Echeveria, Agave, Aloe, Sedum, donkey tail and kalanchoe.

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